Branch: Chandigarh & Pathankot

CDG-SAT Scholarship Test

CDG-SAT is a national level scholarship cum admission test conducted online by Chanakya Defence Group. It offers a window of opportunity to students to be at par and be one among the best Defence officer in future.


CDG-SAT is not just a scholarship exam to help reduce financial burden, it offers an insight into what goes into making the toppers of Sainik School & Military School Entrance Exams. The online Platform used in CDG-SAT matches the orientation and level of top level Defence Competitive Exams

Important Dates

Registration Start Date 17 January 2022
Registration End Date 8 February 2022
CDG-SAT Exam Date 13 February 2022
Result Date 16 February 2022

How CDG-SAT can benefit you?

We deliver what we promise and you get what you deserve

Upto 100% Scholarship- As per the score in CDG-SAT, every appearent will be awarded with a particular scholarship in Chanakya Defence Group Tution Fee.

Insight into Exam Pattern- The questions asked in CDG-SAT match the orientation and the level of Top Military School Competitive Exams.

Feel of Online Based Testing Mode- Train yourself for Online based testing pattern.

Reality Check- The first step to the success is reality check i.e knowing your strength and weakness. CDG-SAT ranks you at the national level.


95-100 Marks 60%
90-95 Marks 50%
80-90 Marks 40%
70-80 Marks 30%
60-70 Marks 20%
40-60 Marks 10
BELOW 40 Marks 5%

Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Exam Pattern

  • Mode- Online
  • Time Duration- 90 Minutes (1 hour 30 min)
  • Total Marks- 100
  • Total Question- 50 (2 Marks for each correct answer)
  • Negative Marking- 0.5 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer
  • Test can be written from anywhere using system (Desktop, Laptop) and Mobile.


For class 4th to 5th moving :

  • ENGLISH : General English { grammar }
  • INTELLIGENCE : General reasoning
  • MATHEMATICS : Fractions, time, number system, roman numerals, money, basic maths.
  • GENERAL SCIENCE : Air & weather, Plants and their processes, Living organisms, clothes, Our universe, Basic science.

For class 5th to 6th moving : :

  • ENGLISH: General English { Grammar}
  • INTELLIGENCE : General reasoning
  • MATHEMATICS : Factors & multiples, fractions, decimals, divisibility test, basic maths.
  • GENERAL SCIENCE : Water, soil erosion, states of matter, light shadow & reflection, plant life, basic science.

For class 6th to 7th moving :

  • ENGLISH: General English ( Grammar )
  • INTELLIGENCE: General reasoning
  • MATHEMATICS: Integers, decimals, fractions, Ratio and Proportion, Basic Maths, Mensuration.
  • SCIENCE: Food and its components, changes around us, Body movements, water, Light & Shadow, Basic Science.

For Class 7th to 8th moving:

  • ENGLISH: General English ( Grammar )
  • INTELLIGENCE: General reasoning
  • MATHEMATICS: Comparing quantities, Algebra, Exponents and Powers, Mensuration, Integers, Basic Maths
  • SCIENCE: Nutrition in plants, Nutrition in animals, Acid Bases Salts, Soil, Transportation in Plants & Animals, Basic Science.

For class 8th to 9th moving :

  • ENGLISH : General English
  • INTELLIGENCE : General reasoning
  • MATHEMATICS : Comparing quantities, Algebraic expressions, Exponents and powers, Mensuration, Basic maths.
  • GENERAL SCIENCE : Crop production & management, Micro organisms, force work & energy, Metals & non metals, cell, basic science.

For class 9th to 10th moving:

  • ENGLISH : General English
  • INTELLIGENCE : general reasoning
  • MATHEMATICS: Polynomials, surface areas & volumes, probability, ratio & proportion, Algebra, Basic maths.
  • GENERAL SCIENCE : cell, gravitation, force work & energy, reproduction, transportation in organisms, atomic science, basic science.


The CGD-SAT exam will start on 13th Feb, 2022 at 11:00 AM sharp. Students will not be allowed to take the CDG-SAT Exam after 12:30 PM.

Make sure that you have a computer system (desktop/laptop) with updated windows version and google chrome

Before taking the CDG-SAT, make sure that your Internet connectivity is not interrupted during the exam.

The candidate has the flexibility to jump over to any question while writing CDG-SAT.

If Candidate fails to complete the CDG-SAT exam in allotted time, then his test will get submitted automatically.

CDG-SAT Exam Fee is ₹100 Should be paid through Below given Googlepay, Phonepe or Bank Transfer number.

*Note- After the payment kindly the screenshot at 78887-14322 through whatsapp along with candidate’s name.

    Google pay no:- 85569-70887

    Phonepe no.:- 85569-70887